History of Doha

Historical references to Doha and Bidda before 1850
Doha and Bidda 1850 – 1870: The rise of the Al Thani Family and Conflicts with Bahrain
Doha and Bidda 1871 – 1915: The Re-establishment of Ottoman Rule
Doha 1916 – 1971: From a British Protectorate to Independence
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7 responses to “History of Doha

  1. In the 1847 part, I think what you are referring to as the battle of Fuwairat is actually the battle of umm Suwaya. I might be wrong but I am pretty sure that was the battle Bin Turaif died in

    • Just to follow what I said. The Qatari coalition from what I read won but Bin Turaif was killed by a rogue bullet.

  2. we can add some more events which occurred with Bida:
    1. 1827- Manasir tribe from Bida committed piracy upon a Persian boat
    2. 1828- Al Bu Ainen tribe from Bida conflict with the Bahrain
    3. 1851- The wahabi amir came to Bida
    4. 1872- Turks landed in Bida
    5. 1879- Ill treated with Bunniah by turks in Bida
    6. 1882- Shaikh Jasim expelled all the Bunniah from Bida
    7. 1900- fight between Amamara tribe of Bahrain and Ali bin ALi of Bida

    besides that there are much more events also.

  3. Hi, as someone who has read numerous literature on this subject in particular, there are two corrections (and additions) which I can help contribute.
    *1842: The chief is not Sudanese. His name is Suleiman bin Nasir Al Suwaidi, and was the chief of the “Sudan” (possibly mispelled) tribe which was in Al Bida.
    *1867: It was the combined Abu Dhabi and Al Khalifa forces, not just the Al Khalifa. British records (found in QDL) also claim there 2,000 men in their ranks.
    *1851: Mohammed bin Thani and his forces stage a mini revolt against the Al Khalifa in Doha and expel Ali Al Khalifa to Al Khor.
    *1852: ‘Economic blockade’ on inhabitants of Doha and Al Bida by the Al Khalifa.

  4. Thank you for your comment – you are 100% right that the Sudan tribe is not Sudanese at all, and that it was a combined force from Abu Dhabi and Bahrain that flattened Doha in 1867. We will correct our timeline. Let us know if you spot any other mistakes!

  5. I just wanted to point out that the Ottomans renounced their right to Qatar in 1913, not 1916. after that date their control was mostly limited to a few military installations. By 1915 the Ottomans only controlled a fort in Doha, and this was abandoned on the night of August 19, 1915, in the face of both pressure from the sheikh and his forces and two British warships anchored in the harbor. Qatar was mostly independent after 1913 and completely independent after the abandonment of the Doha fort in 1915.

  6. Ms/Mr Spinosaurus is completely correct. The Ottoman garrison left the fort (referred to as Bida’ fort in contemporary documents) overnight in 1915. A sketch accompanying the British description of the evacuation, and earlier photographs by Burchardt, make it clear that this fort was located in the same place as the later Amiri Diwan. In 1916 a treaty was signed between the British and Sheikh Abdullah bin Jasim Al Thani, marking the beginning of the British protectorate rather than the end of Ottoman rule. Thank you for your comment!

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