Oral Histories

Tammi Moe, assisted by Fahad Al-Obaidly, is gathering Oral Histories relating to the development of the town and its transition from a traditional settlement into a modern city. This will involve the collection of new histories as well as trawling recordings and transcripts collected in previous interviews conducted by the Gulf Folklore Centre, the National Museum of Qatar and the National Archives. Pilot interviews have already taken place and our questions have been refined in order to obtain the best responses from interviewees.

The aim is to the share the experiences of those who grew up in Doha and witnessed the great changes of the mid 20th century during the development of the oil economy, as well as the memories of those who moved to Doha at that time. Where possible we will gather testimony directly from those who lived in the areas and buildings targeted for archaeological investigation, and we will seek to show how the people of Doha themselves experienced and understood the dramatic and irreversible changes that were occurring around them.

Together with the long-term inhabitants of Doha, we therefore hope to bear witness to the transformation of the old town and the birth of modern Doha, and enliven the historical and archaeological evidence with personal experiences and memories.


One response to “Oral Histories

  1. I would be happy to partake in any research as I lived in Doha from 1969 -1981 as a child in the expat community- Shell Oil

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