GULF TIMES: Back in time: Tracing the journey of Fuwairit


Professor Rob Carter, director of the Origins of Doha and Qatar project, gave a lecture about our work at Fuwairit to the Qatar Natural History Group on 5 October.

From the Gulf Times article about the lecture:

“Detailing more about the historic landscape of Qatar, the archaeological surveys at the site of Zarqa, inland from Fuwairit, have been yielding interesting findings. In a video from the location, made earlier this June, Daniel Eddisford, the Field Director of the Origins of Doha and Qatar project, says, “As well as undertaking archaeological excavation, we have been recording a number of standing buildings such as the traditional structure. These buildings are constructed using traditional methods. They are often built with stone, limestone, bonded with mud, with roofs made of mangrove beams. We have been recording these buildings both here in Fuwairit and in Doha because these represent an important aspect of life in the country prior to the introduction of oil in the mid- 20th century.”

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