Season Four Archive Report – Zarqa Survey

Origins of Doha and Qatar Season 4 – Zarqa Survey Report

The project carried out a survey of archaeological remains near a modern farm at Zarqa in February 2016. This work was undertaken as part of a wider archaeological investigation of the site of Fuwairit and its hinterland, which includes standing building recording and excavation. In order to record the Zarqa site all the features visible on the surface were mapped using a total station and Differential GPS. In addition a detailed photographic, written and drawn record of the site was undertaken. The site of Zarqa is located c.1.5km inland of Fuwairit and consists of a ruined fort, mosque and a number of other buildings, as well as agricultural areas and wells. Zarqa was clearly a fortified site that would have provided the water and agricultural areas utilised by the inhabitants of Fuwairit. Despite being an important coastal settlement in the centuries preceding Qatar’s unification the details of Fuwairit’s history remain poorly understood as there are few early written references to the site.


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