Upcoming Lecture – The Origins of Doha Project: Urban Rescue Archaeology in Qatar

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On March 4, 16:00, Dr. Colleen Morgan, Professor Rob Carter, and Daniel Eddisford will present The Origins of Doha Project: Urban Rescue Archaeology in Qatar at the University of York Research Forum.

Talk abstract:

The Origins of Doha Project (ODQ) is a multi-year investigation of the history and archaeology of Doha, Qatar, a pearling settlement in the Arabian Gulf that has rapidly transformed into a metropolis. Formed by Robert Carter in 2012, ODQ is a multi-year project based at University College London – Qatar and supported by the Qatar National Research Fund. Members of the project have engaged in extensive recording of the swiftly disappearing historic buildings of Doha, conducted the first urban rescue excavations in the Arabian Gulf, recorded oral histories from local residents, and investigated historic documents related to the founding and growth of the city. Addition to this with In primary archaeological research, Extensive digital outreach has been conducted by vBulletin® the team, Including an online historical GIS ( Http://www.spatialheritage.org/doha/ ), excavation transparent reporting, and shared photographic and video archives. In this talk we discuss our initial research outcomes, the complexity of community outreach in the Gulf, and our future work at the extensive archaeological site of Fuwairit.

The team will present a draft Doha assets represented by Dr. Colleen Morgan and Professor Robert Carter and Mr. Dan Adesford, upcoming lecture on the origins of Doha project titled saving urban Atharalamnatq in Qatar  , which will take place at the University of York , the British and that on March 4, 2016 – the fourth pm  

: an introduction

Doha project assets is the result of several years of historical and archeological studies to Doha, Qatar, the settlement of pearl fishing in the Arabian Gulf and turned and quickly to the city. Doha project assets, project constitutes over multiple years by Robert Carter, of the project site at the University College London – Qatar in 2012 with the support of the Qatari fund for scientific research. Project members have been able to record the process of extensive historic buildings that disappeared quickly from Doha, and conducted the first archaeological excavations to save the urban areas in the Gulf region, accompanied by documenting the oral tales of locals and check historical documents relating to the establishment and growth of the city. In addition to these primary archaeological research, the project team scans the digital broadband to the region included the use of historical survey of geographic information system (GIS

   ( Http://www.spatialheritage.org/doha ): Available on the Web e

It has been published immediate reports of archaeological excavations and also published many of the archived material from pictures and recording materials photographer. Will be during this lecture to talk and discuss research conducted preliminary Allantyj her, and also how difficult the process of community outreach in the Gulf region, following the plan and the future of the project and that will be the great archaeological site in the area Fuerat

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