Season Three Archive Report – Nuaija Survey

Origins of Doha and Qatar Season 3 – Nuaija Survey Report

In 2015 the project carried out an architectural and archaeological survey of an abandoned agriculture area at Nu’aija, located in the south of Doha. This area was also formerly one of the most important drinking water sources for the historic town of Doha. The work undertaken included recording a traditional zajara well, which would have been used to irrigate the agricultural land prior to the introduction of mechanical pumps. Several other buildings were recorded, as well as surviving elements of the agricultural area such as wells, tanks and irrigation channels. A surface collection of artefacts from the site, mostly ceramics, was also undertaken. As well as recording the site the work also provided a training element, in which members of QM participated in a short course on building recording at the site. The traditional zajara well recorded on the site is possibly the only surviving example in the country. This type of type of structure would have been essential for irrigating crops prior to the introduction of mechanical pumps, and represents an important part of Doha’s history.


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