Robert Carter Presents at the Seminar for Arabian Studies

Doha excavations Seminar for Arabian Studies 2014_1st slide

Last Saturday, June 26th, Dr. Robert Carter presented “The Foundation and Growth of a Pearling Town: Archaeological Excavations in Central Doha,” at the Seminar for Arabian Studies at the British Museum, a joint paper with Dr Ferhan Sakal, Faisal Al-Naimi, Daniel Eddisford and Kirk Roberts. In this paper he discussed some of the preliminary findings of the Joint Qatar Museums and University College London – Qatar Old Doha Rescue Excavations. The Seminar for Arabian Studies, began in 1969, is the only annual international forum for the presentation of the latest academic research on the Arabian Peninsula. The paper was well received by the academic audience and there was a discussion of the excavation afterwards.

This paper will be published in the proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, and will be made publicly available at that time.


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