Season Two Archive Report

The project carried out a program of building recording in the centre of Doha. This survey consisted of both extensive buildings survey and a more intensive record of several buildings. This first section of the report presents an overview of domestic architecture in the Arab world, and the ways in which concepts of space, privacy and family are articulated in the traditional buildings of the region. This is followed by a more detailed description of traditional Qatari architecture, and the specific building techniques employed. The results of our survey are discussed, and traditional building styles and methods in the capital are illustrated by a number of detailed case studies. The domestic buildings presented in this report represent a unique aspect of Qatar’s cultural heritage, but sadly one that is rapidly disappearing. The work undertaken to record these buildings before they are lost will help preserve an important part of the social history of Qatar. The traditional architecture of Qatar evokes memories of the way people lived prior to the growth of hydrocarbon industry, a way of life that is vanishing. These buildings are also a record of construction techniques and designs that are no longer commonly used in Qatar.

Origins of Doha and Qatar Season 2 – Building Survey Report


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