UCL Qatar Students Learn From Origins of Doha Pottery


The artefacts that were excavated during the first season of the Origins of Doha Project are now being studied at UCL Qatar. These materials will be processed according to type, with some of the more delicate objects sent to UCL’s conservation lab for preservation. The ceramics assemblage is being used to teach archaeology students how to classify and describe pottery. Students benefit deeply from a hands-on approach to the analysis of a pottery, especially when the assemblage comes from the stratigraphic context of an excavation. The students can then see which pottery sherds were found together and can identify associations between the pottery types or the context that they were excavated from.


Dr. Carter will conduct a formal analysis of the pottery that will tell the us more about the early inhabitants of Doha and the wider region. Dr. Carter is renowned for his knowledge of Gulf ceramics; his illustrated catalogue of the ceramic collection in the Qatar National Museum can be downloaded here:



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